Atlas forex

atlas forex

other well when it comes to economic and social progress and the overall emancipation of our peoples and countries. One of the companies who found an interest to invest in forex factory indicateur de tendance Montenegro is Abu Dhabi Capital Investment, which is near the completion of works on the Atlas Capital Centre together with the Atlas Group. Atlas Capital Centre is a model of future construction, technically the most advanced object in Montenegro, and wider region. You are one of a few businessman who operates successfully even during this crisis. Strategic partner OF atlas group The Arab investors have announced its strategic alliance with Atlas Group and Atlasmont Bank in Montenegro. There is plenty of insecurity, plenty of uncertainty. I am thankful to all participants in this construction which we obliged to finish next year- stated. Atlas Group was given the recognition for quality in management activities so far, who contributed to stability and high liquidity of the Group and its members in the period of world economic crisis. "The relationship between our two countries is continuing to develop. This week we have started with initial phase works on our Takovska street location, where a future office building of 4,935 m2 will erect. Everybody should help It is very important that bureaucracy as well ones who do the foreign investments promotion to are more flexible in order to help the investors to realize their project, because this is the only way for the region to move forward said.

atlas forex

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Atlas, group advises portfolio strategies with a commitment to due diligence and risk control.
The firm creates a collaborative investment strategy where our mission is single-minded: we are focused on providing objective, customized advice.

The bankers have visited the Montenegrin coast and the north part of the country. It is your duty to make use of your knowledge and to share it generously with the others. Within New Expo complex this company plans construction of 5* hotel and bringing well known global hotel operator. The first and very succesful fund, Atlas Mont fund, was established in Montenegro during the vaucher privatisation process of the Montenegrin companies. Country with such beauty prix formation premium trading deux semaines a toulouse and fascinating history captured my interest immediately. HE Pius Fischer, Ambassador of Germany in Montenegro.